North Medford High School

Estimated Construction Dates: Summer 2007-August 2010
Last Updated on 3.12.09
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PROJECT SUMMARY:                                                                                        David Gibb Photography

North Medford High School was built in 1967 and has 64 classrooms on its 61.1 acre campus.  It underwent remodels/additions in 1973-81 and 1992.  The main exterior is wood and there is extensive damage to the wood from dry-rot. The renovation areas will include the administration, front entry, cafeteria, kitchen, new commons areas, classrooms and a new addition.  Design will be based on facility evaluation and the full scope is being reviewed.  Renovated projects will include heating ventilation and air conditioning, new flooring, roofing, security, replacing underground pipes and site drainage.  Renovations will be phased over four summers and minimal construction will be coordinated around student activities during the school year.
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Capital Project Manager: Medford School District
 Project Manager: Bush Consulting Services LLC 541-830-0922
 Architect: Mahlum/ADW Architects

Project Budget and Current Expenditures:
Project Budget
Current Total Expenditures
$34,000,000 $14,371,729
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Project Description & Status :

Project: Status
Construction Information Meeting
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Neighborhood Meeting about construction Complete
Replace drainage pipes near Fine Arts Building Complete
Replace gym bleachers Complete
Door hardware updates Complete
Add skylights to windowless areas of Humanities Building Complete
Roof replacement--All buildings except Administration, Media Center, Gym and Science. Complete
Remodel all restrooms on campus Complete
Covered walkways rebuilt or replaced Complete
New flooring installed throughout entire school Complete
Replace all windows Complete
Repaint all classrooms Complete
Selected door replacement Complete
Roof replacement--Administration, Media Center Summer 2009
Commons modernization Summer 2009
New Media center Summer 2009
Admin addition/modernization Summer 2009
New Construction--(subject to designs) entry ways Summer 2009
Repave parking lots after/around construction activity 2009
Theater remodel (Project to be determined on further study) Summer 2010
New landscaping and rod iron fencing around campus Summer 2009-2010
Exterior painting on all buildings 2008-2010
New siding on all buildings 2008-2010


New bleachers

New Siding & Mansards


Classroom remodel

Classroom remodel

New windows to courtyard

Auditorium mansard replacement in progress

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